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"Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and professional services in the world of eyecare.”

To accomplish this, our IRIS professionals and Dr. Jean, Optometrist, use a Visual Improvement Process which includes the IRIS Profile. Better vision is more than just a prescription. It’s about your history, your activities & daily use, your personality and your budget. Discover your IRIS Profile today! IRIS Guildford Centre offers eye exam appointments 5 days/week by phone: 604-589-5350 or you can conveniently book online 24/7. Feel free to call Jas Sidhu, Manager, with any questions or concerns and have IRIS help you Experience Better Vision.

Specialties: Comprehensive Eye Examinations, Eye Surgery, Fashion Eyewear, Contact lenses, Binocular Vision Therapy, Vitamins & Supplements, Sunglasses, Safety Eyewear.

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